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Unidentified or unknown phone numbers can at times carry disingenuous, ill-meant, or even dangerous purposes, and to identify the true entity behind these calls can be a pain to say the least. Enter This website is a community-powered database of phone numbers, with input and commentary on experiences of each. If a caller is less than honest, or has wronged others in the past, chances are that one of them has posted on this website. Entries are monitored and regulated to ensure accuracy as well, so businesses slandering and making false statements about one another are scarce.

The site has a very simple design, perhaps a bit dated, but it effectively accomplishes that which it set out to do: providing a forum for users to advise each other on suspicious callers. The homepage includes a smattering of the most recent posts, along with links to the other pages on the site. Several articles, videos, and news announcements are available for viewing, but the meat of the site is in its number lookup. Punch in any telephone number, and if it's worth talking about, people will be talking about it. Some of the more active callers have been reported hundreds of times, while others, newer or less common, have but a few entries. One should, however, be wary while using the site: number owners or rivals can post false statements at will, and from different names. Moderation efforts are taken, but these are imperfect.

The site has seen a great deal of attention in recent years, having been involved in a number of high-profile lawsuits, notably by the Houlihan Smith investment bank. They have withstood legal pressure, monetary bribes, and a great deal of spam and DDOS attacks. Over the years, cllrnms has proven that it is here to stay, an eternal resource for those plagued by malicious calls of all sorts.

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