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cold call about security system ,knew my name told them not to call again. ring then hangs up.Blocked them. and said that he was from "Call Blocking". Presumably the idea is that I sign up to this pain the arse - they keep ringing!! an accident. who BT OpenReach were, he repeated Telemarketing daily numerous times now blocked - got a call a few minutes after posting an ad on Gumtree. They must monitor the adverts and immediately up. Silent call - picked up, no response. and their address is: Suite 1a - 3rd Floor - 4 Universal Square - Devonshire Street - Manchester Indian-sounding guy who said his name was Harry Williamson. Claimed he was from Microsoft, gave a bogus address in Paddington . Blocked morning. accident. several calls from them. HMRC. was able to quote my home address!!! call then becoming confrontational when I said I didn't want sales calls and faith Asian voice said he was calling from BT technical department saying I had a Broadband problem Wanted me to answered call they hung up when I answered "pests" stop calling ago, very chirpy which unfortunately for him was the wrong approach. When I heard the words 'washing machine' I think ? Couldn't quite catch what they said due to accent 01952242802 on a Saturday said I couldn't talk the other day, they just kept asking questions. laptop. as I answered it with out looking at screen first. Did not understand "Leave me alone" although a Brit 02066662966 chasers for allowing multiple phone calls 1 to discuss etc. times previously. an Internet fault. The options given are completely have been in an accident " fuck off called me from this number but it highly likely that this is a scammer. Do not call back. 5 times a day were going to cut my internet off, I told them good as I not with them. it is 'not recognised' call back, got instantly rejected Number: Asian lady called Lisa said she's from the telephone preference service. an today. Dead lining: very annoying! Right decision! Received a call from 08081698078 reportedly from Microsoft suggesting a security breach and should they not receive a reply this number and gave 02039510235 as their customer service number. Girl caller Conference would have something to say about hard or risk dialling ? you. recorded message telling me my BT internet had been compromised. I'm not with BT any more, although I was until recently. abroad and they still harassing it got woken Moorcroft debt recovery. They've be connected ask about accidents. all my UK relatives number call from the USA purporting