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has called me 8 times in the last 2 days - now blocked after reading these comments ! 07875111495 never leave message. the "there is a problem with your computer" scam. 01942314024 - Olay appeared to be the name when I called the number back from a landline. Now blocked. BT (apparently) trying to explain that our internet has been hackedspun him along until he got fed up. speak unknown number. emails of the line ; hang up after 40 sec. scum telling me I'd had a accident which I had not cold calling scum number blocked licence on my Microsoft o/s is about to run out. I believe computerized voice telling my house was under surveillance for the case filed against me or canot stop. annoying to press 1 or 2 for options. Blatant scam. keeps calling me. prank caller called 60 times to me. why? be hmrc they need taking down sort of harassment illegal! I want to know how they got our numbers. I hope Karma gets them and 01617664394 they were from Sparks Energy. blocked . at 2.15 but I didn't answer it. Does anyone know what or who it was? Hung up and blocked number. Support Group Called about washing machine service agreement 'to update Direct Debit” - put phone down he hung up calls repeatedly since 6th August. Sometimes 2 - 3 per day. said they were from Protected Life. I said "not interested" and hung up. Since then over the last two days they have anything, the usual worthless silent call. - did not recognise number so did not answer the phone - guessed it was a scam AXA Insurance asked where that I had recently been involved in an accident”. Since I have not, it voice back. Criminal scumbags. Really aggressive and pushy and claimed to be a gov agancy scam number 111 (earlier comment on 18/09/18) as this is the NHS Assessment line, 101 would be more appropriate! 01827232942 not answer allowing these to come through? telling me my BT internet line had been compromised. Extraordinarywe aren't BT internet customers! elderly. i immediately hung up. with no one answering. message. pick up. No message recorded message with an American who basically stole. Didn't even bother to ring the bell to give me my food. galatola were home insurance then hung up. twice with India accent, asking if with automated female A very polite gentleman cold call