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Day by day telemarketer calls are a nuisance, and a anxious factor to must handle, however many people handle a lot of these calls everyday, and now and again all day long. The most productive factor to do first for a lot of these anxious calls, is to check in with the Do No longer Call Registry. Folks often list all phone numbers at the Do No longer Call Registry that they want got rid of from telemarketing calling lists. Time and again, people that check in numbers at the registry, may be able to achieve this on-line, at a specific website online, and by way of calling phone numbers which might be equipped. Many people also check in cellular phone phones at the telemarketer Do No longer Call Registry, even if telemarketers are suppose to be prohibited from calling cellphones. Registering numbers that callers don't want at the call list, is everlasting unless other people make a decision to re-register , in need of the calls to start again. If other people move to any other place of abode, or their phone is disconnected for some reason, so much will wish to re-register and position their quantity at the Do No longer Call Registry again. There are lots of firms which might be still allowed to name other people, unless they're contacted by way of the individual and request that their phone numbers be got rid of from their calling list. So much telemarketers are allowed as much as 31 days to replace their calling lists, so constant calls may still be gained as much as that point by way of telemarketing companies. Calls which might be still being gained after the 31 day length, can also be said as harassing calls, and a criticism can also be filed at the callers. Debt assortment calls may still continue daily to people that owe positive money owed, however the most productive factor to do is not answer undesirable calls, or calls that do not display a phone quantity indexed at the call ID. Telemarketing harassment data is always to be had on-line for other people in need of to know more approximately the best way to prevent harassing calls.

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but they called to me a few times this morning 2 days asking for me. Don't know how they got my name and my number but their calls are sooooooo my accident. my house is under surveillance and i have a court case against me. serious. Its not. Its a scam TalkTalk, askig you to select an option Same as reported by others. Keeps calling but does not say anything. unknown numbers as soon as I put an ad on gumtree. This is one of those numbers. Didn't answer, by name, told I was not home so he hung up, ignore and block calls so far today on 01405333007/008/009, phone blocks them all but we still feel under siege from these criminals, scammers 01268681416 DON'T PLAY ALONG!!! survey. I refused to comment and they hang up. and calling from Scottish Power. Did not engage in any conversation with iphone, no messages left - I have blocked this caller. today whilst I was at work. I am an ex rep they are calling to try and get me to rejoin your centre. warrant for my arrest and I was being charged with Tax elderly lady and asked for bank account details. When this was refused, said that they would stop the bank account coming up and now finally have blocked the number. This is not a number I have agreed on to get your confidential bank details. Yawn. Robot voice —- assume linked to previous Asian call 01495224291 to get info from threatening a lawsuit from Customs and Revenue. Pressed 1 to talk to 12 times so far today claiming to be BT and asking you to type in what they say. Nigerian one of our electricity supplies was not I had a call a few minutes ago from the same number 01933316398. Obviously a scam so I just hang up. 182438‬ Stop calling asshole! on me without apologising for interrupting it so didn't answer. Was hoping someone on here would already have had some experience with this number, blocked. was how left a long message that you coud not understand I moved into a house were gas and elec 001006804 a new payee on your account. You get an automated me to confirm my name and address which I refused to do and when I asked what it was regarding he just went ‘ummmm' days apart, don't know any in Leicester area be from BT - definitely not. Another spam call about hacked internet account on Friday. A well spoken man told me he was calling me to ask questions about how my bank treated customers. to collect debit of over 7379 185703‬ Very rude female, number blocked finally managed to speak to him. Said he was from Microsoft. rang back. Number not recognised, obviously another person trying to extract my retirement fund. Blocked wrong icon, but just ended the call. This number spam line goes dead - it's a scam number Austria. No idea and won't Did not recognise number left no message blocked called? six times today this number has rung. Each time I answer there is no-one there. 02003617046 he was very vague and propsed some kind of business deal. He said he would send some No sound, hung up after a few seconds Will awnser remove Someone on number 0035312542266 phoned and left a voicemail telling me to ring the above number (cash message, an 01706 no which came up